Mittwoch, 30. November 2011

Artists in the Dark

Between 1982 and late 1987 I worked as a stagehand with Blitz Music. Amongst many artists it was working for Motörhead that was most interesting. After ending my work in the concert business I lost track with them before went to see them in 1991 again. The crew was kind of puzzled why I payed for to see the band and their sound engineer Dave "Hobbs" Hillesden invited me for the coming years to go and see them from the Mixing Desk. In the coming years I did do many drawings of the crew doing their work before and during the shows.




I still do it every time I get to see the guys! These pictures, drawn on an iPad 2 show Stefan on the lighting mixer, and Arnie on the sound-mixingdesk. They are both excellent artists in their own right who bring the shows to the audience's senses. And they were great last night in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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